Terms and Conditions.

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Active date

31 Mar 2020

Date of latest revesion and circulation

01 May 2020

Please read the following terms and conditions, the “Agreement” carefully

The use of the product would mean agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

‘WE’, ‘US’ or ‘OUR’ refers to Converge Infoservices Pvt

‘YOU’ in the following document refers to the currentconsumer and the potential consumer of our product and services.

Welcome to



“ Product” here refers to Scanous, the software. Scanous refers to a document management solution by Converge Infoservices Pvt. Ltd.

Scanous provides a number of features, mostly mentioned on “Our Website” (

We provide services through Scanous Web Solution, Scanous Mobile Application, and for that we gather information from you on Our Website.


We update our Terms and Conditions and versions of our web solution, or our mobile application from time to time, if there is any reduction in the rights in the Terms and Conditions we will notify by sending you a notification, SMS or email. If you still continue using our services, it will be assumed that you agree to our new policy.

If you disagree with our new policy, stop using the solution right away.


To use our services you have to create an account with Scanous, by registering your basic information as asked on Our Website. You should provide ‘complete’ and ‘accurate’ information. Scanous Account is true and bearer of any consequences that takes place due to submission of false information.

Your Scanous account should only be used by you, and You are responsible for the security of your account details. Any actions taken on your account whether by you or some other user, you will be held equally liable for the same.

If you learn any unauthorized activity on your account, inform us on , so that we can take action against it.


We grant you or your specified users a personal, worldwide, revocable, non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use our products. Unless otherwise specially agreed to your use of Our Product and Services, on your other devices, including, but not limited to mobile phones, PC, tablets, and other computer systems.


You and Your specified user might pay for the use of Our Product and Services, thus the fees should be duly paid.

We will take your permission and notify you before we acquire payment from you.


We understand and respect the need for security towards your Personal Information. We promise to provide security to Your Privacy and Personal Information in accordance with the applicable laws, especially special Laws/Regulations in terms of protection of personal information, applying same to collection, processing, transfer and storage of information.

Read our Privacy Policy to understand the means, purpose and classification of personal information.

We will acquire your permission, for smooth working of the solution.


You can terminate the account whenever you want, by notifying us through email.

We will stop providing Our services or terminate your account at any time, with or without notifying YOU, if you violate, or we suspect you have violated, the Contract or any of the legal documents provided by Scanous, or any legal acts applicable to the use of our Services, or the lawful rights of Scanous or any other person.

We can Terminate your account for any cause, in that case we will notify you through email seven(7) business days earlier, you can retrieve your documents during that period.


All applicable fees should be paid in advance for a selected period, and are not refundable, unless explicitly mentioned in the contract.