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Active date

31 Mar 2020

Date of latest revesion and circulation

01 May 2020

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This is a Privacy Policy, published in interest of the user of our products and services, and to guarantee security to their private data.

‘WE’, ‘US’ or ‘OUR’ refers to Converge Infoservices Pvt Ltd.

‘YOU’ in the following document refers to the current consumer and the potential consumer of our product and services.


We follow the highly updated and integrated security mechanisms to secure information provided by the user. Before using Our Product and Services, make sure you’ve read our Privacy Policy and agreed to it. If you start using our product and services it will be assumed that you agree to our Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy is a contract between You and Us. While Browsing or visiting our website and our services, you disclose and provide us the permission to handle the information in a secure manner in accordance with this privacy policy. Under any circumstances, if you find any activity on this website suspicious then we advise you kindly update us and feel free to not to use the website, or our mobile application. However, as we always take privacy as our first priority, we surely believe that you never face such issues.


We update our Privacy Policy and versions of our web solution, or our mobile application from time to time, if there is any reduction in the rights in the Privacy Policy we will notify by sending you a notification email. If you still continue using our services, it will be assumed that you agree to our new policy.

If you disagree with our new policy, stop using the solution.


We provide you services as Mobile App and Web solution. The only purpose to collect your personal information is to provide better services and make sure that the product is as personalized as possible. We acquire your personal information to maintain the authenticity of data.


The personal information we ask from our consumers is majorly classified into two categories; Identifiable and Unidentifiable Information.

Identifiable Information:
This includes the information that you directly submit to us like; phone no., email address etc. This information is used to directly identify and determine your true identity.

Unidentifiable Information:
This includes the information generated during the process of using our product. This information cannot be used directly to determine your true identity


Information registered by YOU :
Information you register with us while using, browsing or visiting our website and our products is used for your identification. In case of severe changes, for example cancellation of Scanous account, in that case, we would need to make sure it’s you who is responsible for the request. So, to make sure it is you who is using your account, your registered information is used.

Data information for the documents you upload :
The product gives you provisions to scan and upload documents, which contain your personal data. The document you upload can be yours, or it could be someone else’s. Please, make sure you have authorisation to upload the said data. You will require to adopt proper setting and authorisation to make sure there is no leakage of private information.

Information we obtain during your use of our product :
While you use our product, we try to balance between your permissions and your experience. We track your use, for instance, the ads you click on, images and documents that you upload, sign-in sign-out pattern, usage time span, etc.

We don’t leak your private data publicly, or let anyone else use it. As soon as we suspect something, we inform the authorised and we also inform YOU, to make sure YOU know about the usage of your data.


The security of your Personal Information is paramount to us . We have strict security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control. Whenever you change or access your account information, we offer the use of a secured server. Once your information is in our possession we adhere to strict security guidelines, protecting it against unauthorized access.

We will endeavour to take all reasonable and appropriate steps to keep secure any Personal Information which We hold about You and prevent unauthorized access.