Paperless Office - Changing your Management Practices

06 Mar, 2020

Digitization is something that is very trendy nowadays, but, the reason organisations are digitizing their operations is not because it is trendy but because, it brings more convenience and no chaos to the table. 

The traditional methods of management include huge incompetencies, that reduces productivity in an organisation, it slows down the process, and usually incurs more cost. That is exactly what paperwork does to an organisation.

Paperwork has been a widely used method for document management in organisations for the longest time, because of its accessibility advantages, but as the load of documents increases, managing the documents becomes very difficult and searching the documents in the torrent of so many becomes next to impossible.

Thus, digitizing your Document Management System is important, and this is when a paperless office comes into the picture. This initiative does not only help the business grow, but is a contribution towards society.

When you digitize you require to incorporate a systematic Document Management Solution. Scanous, is a cloud based document management solution, that lets you store all your documents at one repository and helps the management increase productivity and morale among their employees, which ultimately helps them to make their organisation more efficient.

Scanous has many provisions to be provided to its customers, it is integrated with OCR technology that recognized text from the image. It has a mobile app as an extension that lets you scan printed or handwritten documents with the mobile camera, scanous also lets you share your documents and run advance search using tags.

Scanous makes the process of document management so convenient that employees now spend very less of their total productive hours in storing or accessing documents, this makes the whole operation process easier and thus increasing productivity and morale of the employees.