COVID-19: Is it affecting the way you work?

20 Mar, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is surely visible to everyone, and naturally, everyone is afraid of even the slightest possibility of being infected. Industries and businesses have realised the severity of the situation, and thus the elephant in the room stands to be ‘Is it safe to come to school, college or even work when the officials have announced quarantine?’, well, honestly, it is not, the experts have clearly mentioned in their statements that any kind of gatherings could become a source of transfer of virus, so it is safe and wise to stay inside your house, with constant surveillance and sanitisation.

Amidst all this chaos of ill health situations and lack of sense of security among everyone, another major concern is the economy, which is falling apart, the businesses and industries are considering shutting down. Thus, work is something that cannot be kept on hold, even during the quarantine, nobody knows how long it is gonna be, so all we need to do is stay alert, safe and live the life we lived before the pandemic hit us. 

In the same light of thought, Schools and colleges have started online classes, where students are taking classes live online, and the offices have regulated the policy of work from home. While working from home is fascinating to every employee, it has its own perks and consequences. 

While working from home, the employees are in their comfort zones, and they tend to be more focused on their targets, and work efficiently, but, the coin has two sides, it has many disadvantages, some of which could be, numerous distractions, laziness, and difficulty in retrieving desired information. This is where you need to understand the importance of a systematic document management solution for your enterprise, so that the employees can get access to the documents anytime and anywhere. Scanous is a cloud based document management system that stores all your documents at one repository, thus making its management and acquirement, easy, quick and hassle free. 

Incorporating Scanous can solve some major issues in your organisation amid this clutter. You can avail the Free Trial for 30 days on Scanous, register on the website now, or contact us for your requirements.