Why do law firms require a DMS?

20 Mar, 2020

Legislative and Judicial conduct are the backbone of every nation, and thus we can say that lawyers and legal firms are an essential part of the economy. Lawyers are one of the most influential professionals. 

Lawyers and Law firms are majorly dependent on documents, regarding their clients, documents about the completed cases, and every other legal document. A lawyer always needs to keep in mind the names, cases and positions of their different clients. Now, using shared drive as a system for document management has become a rusty old method of document management and nearly no one uses it, thus using a more systematic DMS is important.

Scanous is a Document Management Solution that has a mobile application extension, through which you can access your documents anytime and from anywhere, also, you can use a mobile camera to scan documents. Thus, making it easier for the law firm to not only store all the documents but also, access them anytime and anywhere.

Also, with the integrated OCR technology, that helps in recognizing the text from the image, Scanous helps in tagging the documents with keywords, and this makes the searching of documents an easy procedure.

Thus, it is self evident that Scanous has features that make it highly user friendly and reliable for a Law Firm. You can avail the Free Trial for 30 days on Scanous, register on the website now, or contact us for your requirements.