Does looking at your mismanaged notes, worsens your exam stress?

20 Mar, 2020

The exam season is here, and there’s a reason we call it exam fever, it is a stressful and an insane period that occurs once in a year, and if you’re unlucky enough, it occurs twice a year. This is that time of the year when all the houses with kids become MAD HOUSES. In such scenarios, managing your notes, hall tickets, and other online documents might be a handful of a task, thus, it is important to start considering a systematic approach to Document Management.

Scanous is an intuitive cloud based document management system, which makes the process of Document Storage, Management and Retrievability, easy, quick and hassle free. Scanous also has a mobile application extension, so that you can use the mobile camera to scan the printed or handwritten documents, and store them all at one repository.

Thus, you can use scanous to store and manage your notes and other important documents, at one repository, and also convert them into PDFs. Scanous is also integrated with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, which recognizes text from printed and handwritten documents, so that you can edit the text and also provide tags to the documents, so that you can run advance search and access the documents easily. Thus, Scanous would make the exam fever a little less stressful by taking away the burden of managing documents.