Build a better Organisation through a Systemized DMS!

12 Mar, 2020

Scanous is a DMS that is apt for every kind of organisation, whether profit, or non-profit, governments, private or any other kind of organisation. Let’s take a manufacturing firm into consideration, the documents incorporated into a manufacturing firm are majorly invoices of purchases made and sales done, documents related to employees, Legal documents relating to the firm etc.

Now, the most common way of document storage in this kind of organisation could be in physical form or as PDF on the computer system used by them, both these methods of document management bring defects with them. It might become difficult to find the documents that are stored using any of these or both of these methods, the system could crash, and it is easy to have the physical documents misplaced, this might lead to the loss of the documents. Computer Systems has a storage limit and physical documents take up physical space, storing all your documents at one place would become problematic. 

This is when Scanous comes to the rescue, scanous provides a minimum of 1 TB or any other unit like GB ? of cloud space to store all the documents at one repository. It has a mobile app extension that helps you to scan the documents through the mobile camera, and also lets you access the documents anytime or from anywhere. Scanous is integrated with OCR (Optical Reader Character) technology, that helps to recognize text from the images, which helps you categorize the documents with tags in terms of the keywords in that document, so that you can run an advanced search using tags. 

Thus, making it document management a child’s play for the organisation. Contact us to build your organisation into an effecient one.