Chaotic Cabinets? - Now have a way out of them!

12 Mar, 2020

Document Management is an essential practice in any organisation. Traditional methods of document management include paperwork. While paperwork is a method that has prevailed in the industry for a long time now, which is majorly because people found it convenient for the longest time, but, more than management paperwork brings chaos to the table.

Paperwork could be beneficial if you have a limited amount of data to be handled, but when the data is in abundance, the organisation has to incorporate a methodical Document Management System. 

Scanous is DMS that leads the organisation towards a chaos free, digitized Document Management System. It has a mobile app extension, where you can use the mobile camera to scan the printed or handwritten text, it is integrated with OCR technology that helps is recognizing text from the image.

Scanous provides a cloud based storage system, where you can organize your documents, saving on time, physical space and cost, meanwhile paperwork leads to chaos and increased wastage of time, money and physical space.